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East Pole Coffee Co

As you’ve probably guessed, we take our drinks pretty seriously at Whiskey Bird. The restaurant is like our love child and so we’re quite protective over what goes on your table and in your cups. Which is exactly why we serve East Pole Coffee. They’re about to celebrate their one year anniversary in Armour Yards and we took this as an opportunity to spend some time getting to know their story over a cup of [ really good ] coffee.

Sitting down with Sara and spending any length of time with the staff, you can immediately sense how genuinely they love their product and serving their product. It’s something you just can’t fake; when a team is wholly invested in bringing something unique to their community, they don’t seem like they’re working. They’re just being themselves, sharing their passion with others. 

What sets them apart from the handful of other Atlanta coffee joints? Well, for one thing, there are actually not many coffee roasters in Atlanta. Plenty of shops and cafes, not a ton of roasters. If you look hard enough, a lot of cafes are actually getting their beans from larger companies located elsewhere (i.e. Intelligentsia, Stumptown, Revelator). Furthermore, all of East Pole’s coffees are single-origin meaning that they do not blend their coffees. Their roasts aim to find the most potential out of a single bean without having to dilute or mix flavors and sources.

Okay we admit we’re starting to sound like elite purists, but that’s the thing – the East Pole crew is SO far from that. It’s actually impossible to feel like a coffee dunce with them because they’re so dang hospitable. And everyone at East Pole was born out of the Atlanta coffee scene, from other companies and cafes which they still support (some now serve East Pole roasts) wholeheartedly to this day. Taproom, Full Commission, and 8Arm to name just a few!

Needless to say, we’re pretty happy we’ve found such a great match in a coffee partner. We only wish we could serve more of it! Thankfully East Pole will be doing a Pop-Up espresso cart at Whiskey Bird on Saturday, September 15th from 10:30am-1pm. Join us in giving a Morningside high five to East Pole and level up your morning with some of their lovely espresso!