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What is yuzu?

Yuzu is one of those mysterious ingredients you'll see in a laundry list going into some crazy hip cocktail - the "mixologist" isn't going to tell you and you're sure as hell not going to ask because maybe you want to order it? To be honest... without google, we probably wouldn't know what yuzu is either. But you might have already guessed, we do our homework around here.

Citrus junos, aka yuzu, is an Asian (mostly commonly Japanese) citrus fruit similar to lemons or grapefruits. Aha! Something you know. It grows on an upright shrub or small tree and withstands harsher winter temps than other more sensitive citrus fruits. The flavor of yuzu packs a fruitful punch and a tiny bit can go a long way.

After playing around with our own bit of yuzu, we've landed on two perfect ways to infuse it into our menus. The first is our Yuzu Key Lime Bar. Cue the drool:

Second is our Yuzu Sake Sangria, served by the glass or carafe, a lighter brighter way to enjoy sangria while the sun continues to linger through the season. I mean, can you blame us? Yes, we had to do it!

So now that we've introduced you to yuzu, what sort of dish would you try with it?